Friday, June 27, 2008

The Temple of Edfu -3

Next there is an open courtyard that contains columns with floral capitals on three sides.
This open court was open to the public and was known as the court of the offerings, being the place where people could give their offering to the statue of the God.
The Hypostyle Hall is rectangular and 12 columns support its roof. On both sides of the entrance to this hall stands a statue of Horus of Behdet, in the shape of a falcon.
This hall is also known as the outer Hypostyle Hall.
An entrance beyond the 1st Hypostyle Hall accesses the Inner Hypostyle Hall. 12 columns to the right support its roof, and on the left there are 2 rooms; one was used as a library that once contained a large number of manuscripts.
The other was used as a storeroom or magazine for the utensils and the tools of the Temple